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Critter wheel finished!

August 7, 2016


Pat’s wheel is just about ready to ship, except for a new drive wheel and a touch of varnish.  I was a little concerned when I started this one as I had done a Great Pyranees dog as a figurehead before.  But this looks like a totally different dog and the wheel itself has many differences as well.


This side looks just like the other side, only different.


This little dog has really grown on me.  Time for Pat to name it!  It is removable too.  There is a little rectangular peg attached to the bottom of the dog that fits into a slot on the handle.

I am ready to start a new wheel.  Lynda, from the Finger Lakes region of New York state, loves to fish.  So this will be another critter wheel featuring bass, sunfish, bluegills, and a frog and snapping turtle.  Let the fun begin!





  1. Debbie Evans permalink

    Absolutely beautiful. !!!

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Pat permalink

    Pyr name….I’m stuck…either Calamity Jane (after the 1st Pyr that owned me) or Seraphina the patron saint of spinning and weaving. Need help making the decision.

  3. rabbitsheepllama permalink

    You do beautiful work it’s a joy every time you get to see a new wheel. Still Love mine best. Hugs to you my friend you can make people happy.  

  4. Amanda permalink

    Another beautiful wheel! Such a stately pup gaurding all those fiber animals. I love the paw prints on the treadles.

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