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Just for fun

August 14, 2016


For many years I made a living painting for galleries.  Eventually I took a greater interest in creating one of a kind frames to put on either originals or prints.  One of my favorite styles of work was combining Northwest Coast art forms with landscape and wildlife art.  My wife is half Tlingit, the native people who live in southeast Alaska.  We lived in her home town,   Kake, for a number of years. A lot of this experience both with painting and woodwork has proved invaluable in my efforts as a maker of spinning wheels.  Occasionally someone will find me who dearly wants a piece of my art.  Most of the time I have to say no as I have too many spinners patiently waiting for their wheels.  This time I just couldn’t resist.  I felt that deviating from wheels for a couple of days might be healthy and actually prove  helpful in future wheel production. This piece features a print on canvas from an original called “Raven Putting the Sun to Bed.”   The art on the frame is a sort of extension of the print.  The outer frame is more stylized.  I decided to also carry the story itself out a little farther as well.  The print suggests that Raven, the powerful Trickster/Transformer, is the one who puts the sun to bed.  But as is usually the case with Raven, he has a personal motive as well.  The carving at the top of the frame shows him asleep after a long day’s work.






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  1. rabbitsheepllama permalink

    Wonderful love the depth of your picture.

  2. Amanda permalink

    Beautiful!! I love how the Raven is rising out of the smoke of the fire.

  3. Tagati permalink

    That is just so beautiful. I envy your talent! And BTW, I’m still loving my wheel you made (calling it the Morioka wheel after the clan home).

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