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A new wheel to show you

July 29, 2016

pats wheel 1

I meant to post about this wheel earlier but just got too busy.  This one is for a spinner in Texas who wants a LOT of animals present on her machine.  The hard part was to find a way to paint the critters in the standard doughnut-shaped space I always have to contend with.  I think I solved it by forgoing my regular hub and replacing it with a walnut carved shape that leaves a bit more room in which  to finagle paintings.The wood is walnut and cherry and a little unknown hardwood accents.

pats wheel 2

One of the animals Pat requested was a two hump camel – also officially known as a Bactrian camel.  After coming off an alpaca wheel this was a real different kind of critter!  I could have made an entire wheel around this guy but he has to share with the others this time.  Atop the handle will be a Great Pyranees dog.  I made one like this once and it was fun.  So, that’s my report for this time.  Thanks again for looking!




  1. Amanda Gravette permalink

    Another beautiful wheel! The walnut dividing the paintings is such a great idea!

  2. Pat permalink

    The camel I wanted was because 2 yrs ago I rode one across the Gobi desert…..and was given the privilege to brush a Mongolian womans camel and sneak the fiber home! Wonderful memories with camels!!

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