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Art Deco Wheel 2.0

September 17, 2019


The little Art Deco Wheel attracted a lot of interest and it finally sold to a nice couple from Texas.  Suzanne did request a few changes, which I was happy to do.  She is a cat person and wanted a cat somewhere on the wheel.  After some head scratching and thinking, I settled on a Deco style design of a cat and a ball of yarn, limited to black paint only.  The wheel is now home to a small black panther kitten who is lounging on the lower horizontal frame member. I tried to take a close-up but that little rascal is almost impossible to catch with my camera. It is cute and somewhat hidden, as requested.  I also replaced the large bobbin/flyer set with a narrower set. The new flyer has an Art Deco flare to it too.  I am glad to have made the additions. They took a very nice wheel and made it even better!  Thanks Suzanne and David!



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One Comment
  1. ellen bader permalink

    Another beautiful wheel! Love the kitty!

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