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New Art Deco Wheel

September 10, 2019


Actually this is only half new.  In 2015 I made the first Foothills model. It was a Christmas gift for my daughter Amy but she has her faithful old raven wheel and very limited time to spin. So this Foothills has lived a very quiet life. The latest wheels I’ve made have had Amy thinking again. She has some great ideas for a new art wheel. And we have OFFF coming up soon with the need for something for show and tell. So, the first Foothills I ever made has been completely stripped down and re-built into a sassy happy little Art Deco wheel.

20190910_124802The wheel is built of light toned figured maple and cherry.  as I considered options for an art upgrade, I eventually ruled out animals and paintings and decided to stick with the clean graceful lines of the machine itself. Art Deco seemed the perfect direction to take it.  My wife Maxine got into the spirit of the project and offered to let me choose a few of her vintage buttons to add spice to the project. Between the treadles you can see one of her buttons. It really adds a focal point.

20190910_124635This is not the best photo but on the handle is another of Maxine’s treasures. In fact it really set the standard for the rest of the wheel. I had stashed away some square faceted black glass pieces years ago and I used one for the center of each hub and also for the speed changing knob between the big wheels.


Here is one more photo to show the other side. The wheel needs a few more coats of varnish and some new bobbins but it is just about ready to test. It is for sale if anyone is interested in a fun smaller Olympic wheel.  The price is $1950.  You can call me at 360 488 7910 or email me at



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