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A Viking Wheel

July 19, 2018



Amy, the spinner who commissioned this wheel, has taken three trips to Iceland.  She wanted a dramatic wheel featuring all things Viking.  The most prominent feature is the curled carving which is similar to the proud prow of a Viking ship.  Amy’s idea was to feature the contrasting ideas of fire and ice on her.  The painting on this side shows a bay with icebergs against a night sky lit by northern lights.  Odin, the chief god of Norse mythology had two ravens. A raven design is depicted on both paintings. The design of the Icelandic flag is seen in the hub, and the footman rod is patterned after a traditional design for Thor’s hammer.  a lot of the intricate design work is sculpted in epoxy and finished with a silvery gray metal look.


The other side of the wheel shows one of Iceland’s many volcanoes having a rather large moment.  Lightning adds a bit more drama just in case you missed it.  The color in this photo does not show the strength of the painting as well as I would like but it’s the best I could do for today.  The other raven is somehow involved with the volcano too.  The string of fire from his beak is proof of his involvement. In the lower frame on both sides are painted and sculpted depictions of cats.  They are patterned after Amy’s own two cats and are to represent distant ancestors of hers.  Viking ships always had cats aboard to control the rats.


On the top of the frame above the cats and between the treadles is a bronze disc with a Viking design used in navigation. It is held in place by some walnut but can be rotated by your fingers.  Above and below the disc are two sunstones, also used by the Vikings.  The shape of these echoes the shape of basaltic columns found in Iceland.


Just one more photo for your enjoyment.  I like a wheel with drama. This one is made almost exclusively of walnut which is a good dramatic wood against the bright and fairly dark paintings.  The delicate design work in epoxy adds a bit of refinement.  The overall style and shape pleases me and more importantly, Amy loves it!  Thanks again for looking.  By the way,  I found out I have missed some messages sent to me regarding wheels.  I am very bad at finding my way through the intricacies of Facebook and other messaging attempts.  I am likely a lost cause.  If you ever feel the need to reach me please use my email address. it is:




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  1. Pam permalink

    this one is truly a beauty. I love the Northwest Native American symbolism and the colors, and wood tones….you are just too amazing.

  2. Once again my opinion of “favorite” has been revised, at least by the “ice” side of this lovely wheel!

  3. Ellen Bader permalink

    This wheel is so magical. Beautiful beyond words. The incredible carved walnut really shows off the painting. One can almost feel like they are in Iceland……….

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