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Peacock Almost Finished!

July 17, 2017


Valerie has been very kind by allowing me to take this wheel where I felt it needed to go.  I used a bit more paint than planned but it was the best way to go.  The idea of using peacock tail feathers on the big wheels was a core premise, but sculpting them from wood or crafting them from stained glass would have produced heavy unrealistic feathers.  It amazes me how the real bird  can exhibit such a huge display of color and yet it is mostly  just air!  Valerie also requested abalone and I have used it in a number of places. You can see four discs on the big wheel. three on the orifice height knob, and barely visible from this angle is a row of abalone squares along the top of the handle behind the peacock.

Another thing different in this wheel is that Valerie asked if I could modify the wheel to use her own bobbins and flyers.  It took some engineering and has not been tested as yet, but I believe it will work just fine.


Here is another angle and it shows off the treadle and more of the wood .  Each treadle, as well as both hubs, have a crystal inlaid into the wood.  If there is anything more elegant than a peacock is is faceted glass.  This has been such a wonderful project and I am thankful for the chance to make it.  And thanks again for looking!





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  1. Austin King permalink

    How much would a spinning wheel like the peacock cost? I would be interested in trying to get on for my mother for her birthday if it wasn’t above what I can afford.

  2. Ellen Bader permalink

    Gary, this is stunning! So, so beautiful. It is easy to see how you put your heart into your work.

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