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Peacock Struts His Stuff

July 7, 2017


I seem to be on a bird thing lately, having just finished the lady cardinal on the nest.  Here is a new opportunity to really stretch and grow!  Valerie raises peafowl, among a lot of other critters, and has commissioned a peacock wheel.  Before I begin a new project, I do research on the net.  There is so much great reference material right at our fingertips these days!  I have been blown away by the beauty of peacocks.  Colors, textures, everything is just over the top.  And I eventually stumbled onto photos of these birds in flight.  That was the sprinkles on the frosting on the cake!  When they fly they show colors that I never knew they even had!  The wonderful copper feathers , while not depicted in the art so far, are echoed nicely in the natural wood tones of the sapelle and cherry.  Got lucky here as I had fabricated these wood parts before I knew about this second level of coloration.  The head and neck of my peacock can easily be lifted off for travel or storage.  The crest really makes the bird.  Even though it is a bit frisky for a spinning wheel, it was so much a part of the bird, it had to be made.  I used music wire and epoxy to craft this.  And the bird just came alive!peacock2

The peacock is such a flamboyant character and it almost seems like a dare from the bird to even try to fit all these wild elements within the constraints of a spinning wheel.  At the base of the bird’s gigantic fan of tail feathers is a equally beautiful array of smaller feathers.  I am working on using these as the idea behind this curved panel along the frame.  Still work to do and of course the colors will continue to be a work in progress.  The photo above shows little of the colors.  I am digging out all my magical powders to simulate peacock blue, gold, copper, green, and who knows what other ones remain to be discovered!  The big wheels will be made of steamed cherry and will in some way try to serve as a base for art using the tail feathers as a theme.  Valerie sent me a few of these for reference.  She had to actually bend/break them to fit them in the box.  Even the Post Office is hard pressed to contain this bird!   So, back to the shop for another round with this challenging subject .





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  1. Pat m permalink

    Beautiful even at this point!

  2. Ellen Bader permalink

    As always one can see how you put your heart and soul into your work. You are a master!

  3. rabbitsheepllama permalink

    Happy New Year hope you have great plans for fun in 2018. Thanks so much for the beautiful wheels they are the joy of my life. Big Hugs to you and your family.


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