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Iris Wheel Shipped!

June 1, 2017

Iris wheel2

This wheel began as a way to fill time while the next spinner on my list worked out some details.  I got to play with some new ideas and in the process set myself up with some new problems.  I’m happy to report that everything seemed to work out fine.  The wheel is now in transit to Florida!

I like the play between black limba, maple and walnut.  It created such am appealing effect that the iris paintings had to be kept simple and strong in order to join the fun.

Iris wheel1

The way I integrated the painting on the wheels with the rest of the wheel was to carry just a bit of painting onto the frame. You can see these two areas  from this angle.  It proved to be a great project. Now, on to the next wheel.  It is being crafted for a spinner from Oregon who wants to incorporate memories from her youth. She spent many happy summers with her grandparents in their cabin right on the shore of Priest Lake in Idaho.  As we discussed the design, she shared so many wonderful stories – I felt I was right there!  I can relate as some of my best childhood memories came from the years we spent living on a ranger station on the shore of Seeley Lake in Montana.  We both share a love for fishing and picking huckleberries! I’ll put up photos of this new project as it progresses.  Thanks again for reading these posts – it is a lot of fun to share with you!


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  1. rabbitsheepllama permalink

    Sweet wheel haven’t forgot you just busy it’s drama central here since the first of the year!! I have something for you but found some else to it will come your way. Hugs sure love the wheels. Even spinning on spirit when I have time.

  2. Gary, once again your work is breathtaking! I love the woods on this wheel; and you’re right, those beautiful flowers are just right. Stunning.

  3. Kate Tegtmeier permalink

    Always a special treat to see one of your wheels. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  4. Amanda Gravette permalink

    Once again a stunning wheel. I love the way the two woods on the treadles look together.

  5. Ellen Bader permalink

    Another beautiful wheel. It is perfect!

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