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The Selkie Finished and Something New

May 3, 2017


Our selkie wheel is in the testing stages and we will miss it around here.  I’ve grown attached to that little seal. It reminds me of so many seal encounters I’ve had since we live right near the ocean.  These local seals, though, have never given me any hint that they are actually women in seals’ clothing!  Sheilagh wanted more critters as well.  I carved humpback whales out of Peruvian walnut and applied them to the footman rods.  It is hard to see in this photo but I carved a simple walrus design onto the toe end of each treadle. I like the balance of figured maple, cherry, and walnut.  The blue paint really shines against these wood tones.  On another note….


Sometimes I need to wait before I can get going on another commission wheel.  Sometimes the spinner is deep in thought resolving design  issues and sometimes I need to wait for wood to dry enough to use.  Sometimes its something else.  Rather than twiddle my thumbs, I decided this time to start a project wheel using some ideas I have never tried before.  This frame really plays up contrasting woods and the abundance of laminations allows for a lot of strength without quite as much bulk.  The wood is walnut and light hard eastern maple.  The big wheels will be made out of black limba, which is a wood I have never used before. It looks a bit like myrtle but is lighter in weight.  The theme is a bit of an afterthought, as my main focus was the shapes and construction method.  But I am hoping to use these elegant streamlined shapes to be the beginning of an Iris themed wheel.  Not sure how to make this happen but it will be an adventure.  Since this wheel is not a commission, it will be offered for sale when finished.  If anyone out there is interested in this, please feel free to contact me at . Let’s talk!


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  1. rabbitsheepllama permalink

    Thank you Maxine sorry I have been so busy with my job hope is settles down a little soon.

  2. Rose permalink

    Your wheels are astounding works of art – truly magical and very beautiful! They make me smile!

  3. Ellen Bader permalink

    Your wheels are beyond beautiful, magical, a work of art straight from the heart. Gary you are such an incredible artist. It is easy to see how much thought and heart you put into each and every wheel.

  4. I am just in awe of your work. So much care is put into your wheels

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