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Eagle Wheel, Parting Shot

March 25, 2017


We have been dodging raindrops for a very long time in these parts.  Since we had a dry moment, I decided to take a few photos outdoors even though this wheel is a day short of finished.  All the little details take time but fortunately are not a distraction in a photo for this blog.  The killer whale design found its way onto the main frame between the treadles.  The treadles themselves are a marriage of myrtle and walnut.  (My pretty myrtle was too short!) The footman rods are Peruvian walnut with a carved eagle feather design on each one. The caps at the top of the rods are borrowed from another wheel.  The real ones are walnut and are almost ready to put on. We will be delivering this wheel to Oregon on Sunday.  The only thing I regret is that I had neither the time or the knowledge to make a falconer’s hood for this eagle.  I think it would be the perfect accessory for this noble bird.  There is a pattern and tutorial on Pinterest.  Are you listening, Teresa?




  1. Theresa permalink


  2. rabbitsheepllama permalink

    This is so wonderful thank you for everything love the wheel and very excited to get it. I can’t believe your coming all this way to bring it here. I didn’t expect to get it until April nice surprise we have a club camp out next weekend seems crazy to camp only a few miles from our house. I have to work and have bottle babies so I will be driving back and forth so much for camping. Thanks for letting me see the unfinished to the finished I was excited to see how you were going to tie everything together the pictures are wonderful can hardly wait to see it. Sent you a couple of messages I don’t think you got them having computer issues. I am so grateful for what you have done and truly love your work and kindness it a full package deal Looking forward to seeing you and your lovely wife this has been amazing.   Teresa

  3. Ellen Bader permalink

    So beautiful, a true labor of love and art. Teresa, you are blessed to have this incredible wheel.

  4. Sharon Kirschbaum permalink

    Incredible wheel, fantastic carving. So much heart goes into your wheels!!!

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