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New Travel Wheel

March 18, 2017

eagle 1

Since Teresa already has a full sized Olympic, she decided this time to request a smaller wheel she could carry in their RV.  Our original idea in designing this smaller size was to keep the art limited and the price down.  Teresa had some good ideas for art though, and my challenge has been to incorporate as many of her ideas as I can in a compact space. The other complication is that Teresa asked for some myrtle wood.  I had some stashed away and finally have the chance to use it.  It is so very pretty that I refuse to paint over it.  Also Teresa wanted to include natural wood into the project.  So I went through my limited stash of dry wild wood and found just enough for this wheel.

eagle 3

This sculpted eagle on the handle is not finished but you can get an idea of what is happening.  Sometimes wheels just dictate to me what they want.  I fully intended to sculpt a killer whale on the handle and the wood said, “No.”  So I did another of Teresa’s requests – an eagle.  My plan was to craft a bald eagle and again the wood said “No.”  So Teresa gets a golden eagle and the wheel gets its way.  The colors of the golden are far more harmonious with this wheel than a white head and yellow beak would have been.  It pays to listen to the wheels!  More myrtle on the treadles.  Now I need to figure out where to put that killer whale!





  1. rabbitsheepllama permalink

    Wow it’s really coming together looks great. Excited Thank You!

  2. Ellen Bader permalink

    So beautiful! What a great idea for a small travel wheel!

  3. Amanda Gravette permalink

    Beautiful as always! I love the carving of the eagle and the wood on the two wheels is beautiful.

  4. Catherine McCurdy permalink

    OMG 😲 You are amazing!

  5. Ellen Bader permalink

    As always another beautiful wheel!

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