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Final Nemo Photos

March 8, 2017


We have been working hard to get Nemo ready to ship.  Yesterday we braved a snowy/ rainy/ cold day to take a few final photos and produce a DVD for the spinner.  We thought of photographing this wheel against the steel bunker doors but it just seemed too bleak and stark.  So, with Alexander’s castle as a back drop, here is the finished wheel. One nice addition is seen between the bobbin and the handle.  It is a little “holster” that carries the orifice hook.


These black background photos are fun so here is another for fun.  Above the treadle you can see what used to be the cap from a chain link fence post.  I thought of leaving these dull grey but then realize I could do a sort of globe effect just to add another dimension.  It also adds a touch of color and ties in with the wing style footman rods.


None of the other photos shows the little pocket watch nestled in its cradle above the treadles.  This way a spinner can keep track of the time if desired while spinning.  I will send along a small chain if she wants to attach the watch to the wheel.  Just a way to add a personal touch if Kit wishes.  I guess that’s it for this project.  I love this wheel and will miss its massive personality around the house.  Kit also owns the Sherlock Holmes wheel so they should make fine companions.  Thanks for looking!




  1. Karen Farnsworth permalink

    Wow! I’m pretty sure this is my favorite, maybe after the dragon. I cant decide. They are both fabulous.

  2. Kit permalink

    He’s amazing, and I’m nearly drooling waiting for his arrival!

  3. Amazing! I love seeing all your works of art!

  4. Lindsay permalink

    Stunning! Takes my breath away…

  5. Donna permalink

    Beautiful wheels, anyone getting one is truly fortunate! Love following your posts and seeing these amazing wheels!!!

  6. Amanda Gravette permalink

    Another amazing wheel! I love all the details you take the time to add.

  7. Ellen Bader permalink

    Stunning, beautiful, unique, the owner of this incredible wheel is blessed to have Nemo. I could look at it all day.

  8. Ellen Bader permalink

    I cannot say enough. This is the most incredible work of functional art that I have ever seen. Only a spinner would appreciate this. Truly a work of love.

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