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Spinning Wheel Logger

February 28, 2017


Years ago when I was young and strong I worked a couple of season for the Forest Service in Alaska and later worked a bit in the woods doing other jobs.  I look back happy to have those memories and yet I am glad that my job now is to build spinning wheels.  I get so much pleasure making beautiful things that add a bit of joy to spinners’ lives as they in turn make beautiful things that amaze people like me.

But I still get out in the woods.  Maxine and I take walks with our dog regularly at a local park.  Even though our loop is the same, every walk is different, depending on the weather, season, or what changes storms have brought.  One of the big madrona trees took a hit from a strong wind and dropped a huge branch right off the trail.  I noticed so much wonderful gnarly twists and shapes.  Just what I have been hoping to find since I posted a few photos of a wheel I am building that features a marriage of regular lumber and this wild and crazy natural stuff.  I managed to secure a permit to harvest the wood and this is my first “logging truck” load of wood.  Now to wait for these beauties to season!

On another note, I have been encouraged to remind readers that this is the last day I will be taking deposits on commission work.  Quite a number of people have secured places on my work list so I will be a busy guy for many months.  If you have a dream wheel that needs making, please let me know. Just a gentle reminder.  Thanks for following my posts!





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