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Meet Nemo

February 20, 2017


I’ve got a ways to go but felt it might be fun to show off the latest with the steampunk wheel. Kit has officially named it Nemo.  This project has taken me to the limit on many things but it has been a joy to make. Each feature could be a blog post of its own and for details I will wait for the final photos when everything is finished. There is a lot of copper, screws, leather, brass, and , of course with steampunk, the obligatory octopus tentacles.


In this photo, starting at the top and going down, you can see the handle embellished with leather and copper tacks, and a copper panel over the sides.  Then comes the tentacles. Below these you can see the speed changing assembly made from a machine used to hand load shotgun shells, a key plate, and some copper fittings.  Below that is the ’51 Chevy tail light which functions beautifully! There are other features not visible in these photos but I’ll showcase them next time.  The good news is that it treadles just fine even before any fine tuning has been done.  After testing it will be ready for steampunk spinning adventures!







  1. Pam permalink

    You are amazing…what a mind and the talent to bring it to reality. Keep on making these wonderful wheels.

  2. rabbitsheepllama permalink

    Wow beautiful amazing ideas and stunning work.

  3. Jennifer Nightingale permalink

    This might be my all time favorite!

  4. Amanda Gravette permalink

    What a super fun wheel!! I love all the little details.

  5. Cat permalink

    This just really blows my mind!!! This is SPECTACULAR!!! Is it for sale?

    • I’m glad you like it! It was a commission piece like most of the wheels I build. Could do other steamers though ;)

  6. Helen permalink

    I love your creativity with the wheels. More pictures always appreciated.

  7. Donna permalink

    Omg I want the Nemo wheel that is so beautiful!!!

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