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Steampunk Happens

February 3, 2017


I’m actually developing two wheels right now but one is beginning to leave the planning and figuring stage and has entered the wood and glue stage.  The frame has come a long way and yet a lot remains to be done.  I’ve been wrestling with how to marry a spinning wheel with parking light from a ’51 Chevy.  When finished this will light up and in case the wheel decides to race across the carpet, it will at least see where it is going.  The frame is flanked by the two treadles.  They are the result of another strange marriage – that of cherry wood and pieces of a vintage pudding pan. Oh, and some roofing nails put on just for grins. I get a kick out of how these are coming. Kinda like giant sandals for walking on snow!  Tomorrow I will decide between using a vintage juice squeezer and a brass ashtray for the ends of the treadle axles.  What fun!

A note to those of you who missed the last post.  I won’t be taking deposits for new orders as of the first of March.  If you want to place an order please check out the last blog post for details.  Thanks so much!




  1. Love it. Even Bruce liked the idea. I look forward to see it develope.

  2. Amanda Gravette permalink

    Love seeing how it is coming along. Your explanation of why a parking light from a ’51 Chevy would need to light up made me giggle. :o)

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