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January 14, 2017


Finally this wheel is ready to show even though it still has no flyer assembly, knobs and such.  It has been a delightful project and, as usual, I had a chance to learn about the art of people who carved and painted many years before I came along.  It is an honor to borrow their ideas and craft a wheel that might have felt at home in their world. The lion figurehead is based on the goddess Sekhmet, who had a lion’s head and a woman’s body.  The little bird head at the other end of the handle is patterned after the same sort of carving on headdresses worn by royal women. The main wheels echo the feeling of the elaborate necklaces these people wore.  In the center of each hub I sculpted a scarab beetle.  I still have a bit of refining to do and some more art to add but it is coming along!


Another view of the wheel. The lion head was meant to resemble carved stone but fortunately is much lighter than stone!  The red wood elements are made from padouk, which is an African hardwood.  Perhaps the ancient Egyptians got their hands on some of this wonderful wood too through trading with inland people.  It will mellow and darken a bit in time. Lomoar sent me some of her special stones to use on this wheel.  You can see how I have used them in the toe end of the treadles.  I’ll use more on knobs and other places I hope.  That’s about it for this time.  I’ll post photos of the final wheel just as soon as I can locate a local sand dune or pyramid.  Kinda hard to find in Port Townsend in January!





  1. Donna permalink

    I love that wheel!!!

  2. Pamela Perkins permalink

    Your skills and feel for what you do with a wheel and all of amazing subjects amaze me every time I see a new project coming along. Keep it up, you always make me smile. We need this beauty in our world.

  3. Amanda Gravette permalink

    Absolutely beautiful.
    Alex (our 11 year old) is in love with it since he has fallen in love with all thing Egyptian as we study Ancient Egypt this year. He declared the only thing that would make it better was if Ancient Egypt had sea turtles. :o)
    We have plenty of (snow) dunes around here and I’m sure the boys would be willing to make a snow pyramid too.

    • Thanks Amanda, If Idaho were closer to us, I’d recruit your lads!

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