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Something Old and Something New

December 17, 2016


One of my early wheels has completed her extreme make over and was shipped today.  I have learned so much over the years building these wheels.  I deeply appreciate you spinners who have commissioned and inspired me.  You have caused me to stretch and grow.  A remodel project like this is a very personal chance to compare the man I was with who I am now.  (Still crazy after all these years!)


Here is the other side.  This wheel has a grace and elegance about it that only came about because it was built onto an existing foundation.  The placement of the dragon and the brace above the front leg are things I would not have done otherwise.  I hope Kelly really enjoys her new wheel.


Christmas is fast approaching and my daughters know what to expect.  Another wheel from the old man.  For me, it is a great opportunity to explore new ideas.  Rebekah had wanted a kick spindle and I spent a lot of time building one.  It is quite handsome but I just am not happy with the way it performs.  The need to split your attention between the hands and the kicking just seems uncomfortable to me.  And the speed is pretty slow as well.  Since the speed directly corresponds to the kicking, there is no other way to accelerate it without kicking madly.  And Rebekah was not comfortable with the way the spindle pointed off to the side.  So, we brainstormed and came up with a new little wheel.  It is a bit smaller than the Foothills from last year and there are some distinct differences.  The Foothills has a speed changer but no ability to change the orifice position.  This one has no speed changer but the flyer does rotate from a spinning position to a straight up position.  The flyer can be removed and replaced with a spindle in this upright position .  Rebekah thinks that she will like this arrangement.  I still have to  make the spindle before we can test the idea.  We will let you know if it proves successful and if you have thoughts or ideas for it, I will love to hear from you.  Tentatively this wheel has been named the Wildflower.

This is the weekend Amy promises to get busy on rebuilding our website. Sorry for the delay.  In the meantime if anyone wants to contact me, please email me at  Thanks for reading and if you don’t hear from me again soon, I hope each of you has a wonderful Christmas and a great holiday season!






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