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A Unique Opportunity!

November 29, 2016


Once in a great while my work goes along in a predictable order. Most of the time, since I do commission work almost exclusively, things take a less controlled route. Case in point:  Early on in my career as a wheel maker, I built a dragon wheel for a spinner in Utah.  It was delivered and they shared many good hours together.  The dragon keeper decided she would commission a second wheel.  That new project has been in the works for several years and has taken an unexpected turn.  She decided she really only needed one wheel.  We discussed the first wheel and it made its way back to me for an upgrade and hopefully a new keeper.  I got inspired as I considered it, and ended up taking it completely apart and rebuilding everything.  It is now a state of the art wheel.  I seem to have lost the photos of the original wheel but in a way that is good.  This dragon has a secret past, she’s seen and done things we will never know.  It adds to her mystique and life, I think.


Now for some specifics.  The wheel is made mostly of walnut with a few touches of cherry.  The big wheels are painted with Celtic designs, which I felt added color and interest to the theme.  The treadles still have some refining needed but continue the dragon theme down onto the lower reaches.  Along the frame I crafted a dragon tail and inlaid a polished stone at the top.


This photo shows the front leg of the wheel.  A wet day here in Port Townsend precluded me from taking better photos but this new leg adds a bit more class to the wheel.

So, here’s the deal.  If this was a regular commission piece at this level of art, it would sell for $2500.  Since the new buyer will join the project late in the game, I decided to lower the price to $2250.  The other good news is that whoever wants this wheel can have it before Christmas, rather than waiting for me to work down my list.  If you are on my list now you can opt for this wheel.  If you are not on the list, you can save yourself a year of waiting!  I am showing it today in its unfinished stage so that the new buyer can have some input too.  There are flyer and bobbin decisions to make as well as other details.  If you would like to see more photos, just email me at .

On another note we are re-building our website so please don’t think we are fading away.  It has needed an overhaul for a long time. Thanks for your patience!





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One Comment
  1. V White permalink

    Dragon wheel for $2250

    If she is not spoken for, I am very interested

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