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Ram On

November 5, 2016


Tammy’s wheel is coming right along and it’s time for a progress report.  The dowel sticking out above the legs will become part of the orifice height adjustment knob. This will allow the spinner to locate the orifice at the best height for the current situation. In the center of each hub will be a small painting of the continents where each of the fiber animals sculpted on the medallions live. This view shows my attempt to make the sculpted figurehead and crazy front legs work together.  You can’t really tell what this wheel/animal  might do next!


Here’s a view of the other side.  There is a hoof print carved into each treadle.


I like the ram!  The eyes always make the sculpture come alive and I could hardly wait to get these made.  The horns are as large as I could make them and still have them function on a wheel.  Kind of a balance between strict realism and the real world. Still more to do but so far I am pleased and have Tammy’s approval.  Thanks for checking this out!




  1. Amanda permalink

    Amazing as always. We love the ram’s head.

  2. Pamela Perkins permalink

    Amazing, can’t wait to see the final finishing touches on this wheel. The ram’s head is awesome, so real and lively.

  3. I like the “crazy front legs”! To me the ram’s forehead needs to be broader, but there are probably design constraints. Love the hoof prints!

  4. Love it!

  5. rabbitsheepllama permalink

    This is beautiful still stuck on the whale wish you would post the final product.

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