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Our Trip to OFFF

September 28, 2016


After a long and very rainy trip down from Port Townsend we arrived in Canby, Oregon about 2:30 in the afternoon.  We checked in, set up tents, and then made a beeline to the local Burgerville restaurant.  If you have never had the pleasure, you are missing some of the best burgers on the planet!  Fortified once again we headed down the road a few miles to an architectural salvage/antique store.  This photo shows Amy and Rebekah enjoying some old kitchen utensils.  Last year I found some parts for my up-coming steampunk wheel.  Back at the fairgrounds we settled down to enjoy the llama games.  Llamas doing the limbo never ceases to amuse me!


Saturday morning dawned cold and coffee-less. Rebekah and I got up early and went in search of some hearty brew.  After a long walk in the fog we found some weak coffee that Rebekah believed she could fortify with some Starbucks instant coffee back at camp. Cheering us on was this sign looming up through the fog.  Our steps quickened and we made it safely back to camp!


Before the crowds came (and boy did they come!) the girls settled down for some warm up spinning.  We share a booth with Compass Rose Farm, which is located in Discovery Bay, Washington.


This is the view of the vendor area of the festival.  I thought I’d take a photo before more people showed up.  The day was extremely busy.  We met so many wonderful people and many of them we remembered from past years.  Like meeting old friends! But finally when we were dog-tired, we packed it in and made another mad dash to Burgerville (how can one improve on perfection?  I recommend the the pepper bacon cheeseburger!)


Sunday morning we took a little trip into the country and stopped to photograph the dahlia fields.  Beautiful morning light!


We ended up at the Willamette River and this great view of the quiet water was waiting for us.  So quiet and restful – that is until a mad water skier tore past accompanied by very loud heavy metal music!


With peace and quiet once again, Amy and Rebekah had breakfast at the park above the river.  Another very busy day came soon after and we were wiped out at 4:00 when we packed everything up and headed home.  We had so much to talk and laugh about on the drive home. On the last leg of the trip, when it was dark and the only sound was the truck  itself, I thought about what the event meant to me.  First of all it was a wonderful break in our daily routine.  I just love going to OFFF!  Second, it is a chance to spend special time with my two daughters.  I am so proud of them and we just have a ball together.  Third, I truly love meeting the wonderful people who come to the festival.  Some are spinners, some are husbands pressed into service and laden down with bags of roving, some are kids – wide-eyed and enjoying everything. Fourth, I am just so blessed to be part of this festival.  You spinners especially have been so supportive of me as I have tried my best to make wheels for you.  Thank you so much for welcoming us into your world.






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  1. Thanks for sharing your wonderful story! Your blog made my day! Here Maine we have festival in spring called the Maine Fiber Frolic! Lots of great fun.

  2. Gary, You have no idea how thrilled your many fans are to see your beautiful wheels live and touchable. That you and your wonderful daughters are there to answer questions and demo the wheels is icing on the cake. Thank you to you and your beautiful daughters for coming to visit me in my classroom. My students loved getting to meet you and see your latest creation up close. The fact that they get to ask you questions and see what you are developing is a big reason why your wheels are so popular. Add to that the fact they are an amazing work of art and the very best of spinning wheels. Well you know how much I love my Olympic wheels. Please coming back to OFFF. There are better burgers in Oregon besides Burgerville but if we are heading out for a fast food meal, you did find one of Oregon’s best. Love you guys, Laurie

  3. rabbitsheepllama permalink

    So sweet Thank you for letting us into your life and sharing with us. Sorry I missed you this year. We went to Taos first time and had a great time. LOVE your wheels so much. And you too!!!  

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