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Something Woodsy Going On

September 23, 2016


As is always the case with spinners, Deanna gave me a wish list for her new wheel.  The main thing was that it remind her of time spent in the woods of northern California and other coastal places.  Some of her suggestions have yet to appear on the wheel but I will keep building!  A few months ago someone gave me some twisted and gnarled madrona.  I have been saving it for just such a wheel.  There is a beautiful piece below the big wheels that forms a bridge between the front leg and the base.  And it has a wonderful arm sticking out the side that I managed to salvage too.  The handle of the wheel uses another branch and it too is loaded with character.


I inlaid a couple of lovely knots into each of the treadles and added a big old shape between the treadles on the frame.  The wheels themselves are painted with scenes of wild blackberries.  I love the colors that develop in the fall and you can still pick a few ripe berries too.  We do this almost every day.


This is an awkward photo but you can see the character in the handle piece.  I added little bronze leaves here and there too, as Deanna wanted lots of details to look for.  The knob in the front that changes the orifice height has a great beach rock epoxied into it.  The tiny bit of extra weight was worth it, I’m thinking.

Bright and early tomorrow morning my daughters and I are headed to Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival, which is in Canby, OR.  We absolutely love this event and this wheel will be there for show and tell.  If any of you are there, please stop by and visit.  We’d love to see you!





  1. John permalink

    Beautiful! Love narley wood,what kind of price range?

  2. peacecat9 permalink

    Again, a beautiful creation Gary. So lovely!

  3. Kathy Atkinson permalink

    I love this one! Great job Gary!

  4. Donna Houseright permalink

    beautiful piece of art

  5. For me the most beautiful yet, Gary. You mention that there’s more to add, but I think it’s perfect as it is!

  6. rabbitsheepllama permalink

    This is beautiful.

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