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Our Fishing Wheel is Almost Done!

September 3, 2016


This wheel has been a wonderful challenge to build  The art on the big wheels caused me to stretch beyond my comfort zone, the front leg kept me busy for days, and the use of a genuine fishing reel for the scotch tension was quite a challenge.  The other elements were pretty straightforward and I think worked out fine.  Lynda wanted a variety of wood for her wheel and I used a number of types found on her property in Pennsylvania. Cherry, Walnut, and figured maple.

WP_20160903_15_28_53_ProBelow the scotch tension reel is where the little snapping turtle lurks.  I thought of placing a turtle up on the handle but eventually decided that this would be better.  You can also notice the stained glass inlaid into the treadles in this photo.


I still need to putter a bit on the bullfrog but you can see how it is coming along.  Rather than just putting a frog up there, I decided to use a nice piece of a branch.  Frogs and turtles in my memory like to sun themselves on logs and that is what I wanted to imply here.  This sculpture can be lifted off for safer transport. After the wheel is tested I will cover the screws in the hubs with wooden plugs.  I hope Lynda likes this wheel.  She has chosen not to see photos of it. Kinda makes me nervous but I think it will swim.  Thanks for looking!






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  1. rabbitsheepllama permalink

    Wowza even my husband commented on this one. That guy has wonderful talent. That’s a first!

  2. Amanda permalink

    Amazing as always! I love how the frog is perching on the log.

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