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Something Fishy Going On

August 27, 2016

WP_20160826_17_47_35_Pro (2)

Lynda has given me a list of hopes and I am doing my best to deliver.  She loves to fish and wanted bass, bluegills, sunfish, a snapping turtle, dragonflies,and a frog.  And she wanted it to be done with just wood – not paint.  So tricky and so painful to try to create things that begged to be painted!  I decided to use pigmented varnish and as much as possible let the wood show through.  Lynda also really likes the Bass Pro Shop logo so I used it to help develop these images, though everything has been highly modified.  Right now the wheel is evolving into a sort of a vintage fishing theme.  I purchased a wonderful old reel that will take the place of my regular scotch tension knob.  Never done this before but I have high hopes!  The dragonflies in the hubs are bronze and are another element I can check off Lynda’s list.

WP_20160826_17_47_46_Pro (2)

The front leg has given me quite a time.  What started out as a simple fish tail applied to each side has grown into half a fish per side plus graphic woodwork.  Today I re-visited our local antique mall (my parts store) and found a small vintage bass plug.  It is a Heddon Tiny Runt for those of you who fish for bass.  I felt this would balance out the reel on the other end and continue the vintage poster flair.  This area may need some fine tuning but for now I will work other areas and reserve the right to come back and finish this later.

Lynda likes surprises so she won’t be seeing any progress photos.  Her mother will run interference for her and help keep me in line. I guess that’s about it.  On to treadles, the frog, and a snapping turtle!






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