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Rohan Horse Barn

June 29, 2016


My storage chest for the Rohan horse wheel is just about finished!  A few more coats of varnish and some fitting for the wheel inside and its ready to go.  I tried to keep it light and form fitting but it still is a pretty good size box.


The top lifts off the wheel, which is held in place on its base.  There are four wooden pivoting clamps that hold the top and base together.  The cam shape keeps things either closed or open until the wheelkeeper alters the position. You can see both positions in this photo.  I didn’t want to use store bought hardware on a wheel that belongs in Middle Earth and I am really pleased with how this wooden approach turned out.  Amanda and her family will be coming over from Idaho next weekend to camp and to pick up the wheel.  I am really looking forward to meeting them!





From → Gary's Thoughts

  1. rabbitsheepllama permalink

    Great idea can’t wait to see it finished. Love your work.

  2. Awesome! I see a demand for more custom boxes like this in your future.

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