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The Little Alpaca

June 27, 2016


Sorry for the delay in getting final photos posted.  It has been a busy time in the shop lately and I haven’t allotted time for writing.  We will be meeting Candice in Anacortes tomorrow.  I appreciate delivering the wheels in person whenever possible rather than shipping them.  So much more personal.  When I first started designing this wheel, I honestly didn’t know if I could take my spinner’s dream list and pull off a good wheel.  But slow and steady does the job and the results are above my expectations.   I like the mix of glass and paint.  Candice wanted sparkle.  My wife Maxine handed me a huge crystal she had bought at a local thrift store and said “How about this?” I thought “Are you kidding?” but said, “It might just work.”  I sent Candice a photo of it and some ideas for placement.  You can see it proudly positioned like a headlight below the little alpaca.  One evening in our living room when the lights were low it picked up the light from one little lamp and from my position on the recliner it really did look like it was a light!


This is just another angle.  Candice was pretty flexible about wood so I used cherry, walnut, sapelle, and perhaps something else too.  It will be fun to introduce our new little friend to its new caretaker.  By the way,  I am planning to meet to couple who bought the latest Lord of the Rings wheel pretty soon.  They asked me to build a special case for the wheel rather than my usual plywood shipping crate.  I took the task seriously and am very pleased with the way it is shaping up.  I’ll post photos soon!






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  1. Janet permalink

    Fantastic! I love the color variations in the woods, the blues of the flowers and the cute alpaca head. Looks so real. Your work continues to amaze me

  2. Kat permalink

    Wow!! Another masterpiece! Lucky owner!

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