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Rohan Wheel Progress

May 23, 2016


It’s been busy around these parts and here’s the proof!  The horse-themed Rohan wheel is coming along pretty well.  I did have to remove the first horse head and replace it with this new carved one to match the customers’ dream.  In the end I do believe it was a wise call on their part as this steed looks ready for war.  The big wheels have paintings of Simbelmyne flowers, which are only found in Rohan.  They add a lot of color to the machine.  I used some special paint that color shifts and adds a bunch of drama and mystery to the work. Also I inlaid some stained glass pieces between the paintings.


The treadles are carved with a motif used in banners.  The shape of the treadles has been modified to fit the graphic.


Usually I laminate up layers of wood for these head sculptures but since this was to be a fully carved head, I bought a solid block of walnut and used it.


The first horse head really needed a special place so I made this Lazy Kate for my spinners.  I need to put on the tension line and add the proper bobbins, but it is a fun piece.  I accidentally stumbled on a brass buckle in my shop while I was building this.  Having immersed myself in LOTR motifs for so long, I noticed a resemblance to a Rohan style shield.  So, with the spinner’s permission, I have it hanging below the horse’s head.  I guess that’s it for this report.  The rest will take about a week.  Thanks for looking!






  1. rabbitsheepllama permalink

    This is beautiful nice work.

  2. Amanda permalink

    It is looking beautiful. :o)

  3. Tina whitney permalink

    How long is the wait list. You are in my bucket list. Will you be in new england.

    • Hi Tina, I won’t likely stray too far from home in the near future. Would love to see your part of the country though. The wait list is about a year now. Thanks for the inquiry!

  4. Oh, how I love this wheel! YES to the new carved head!

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