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Lord of the Rings, Take Two

May 12, 2016


My first Lord of the Rings wheel is still living with us while we wait for its new owner to travel up this way to pick it up in person.  Curiously I am working on another one with an entirely different approach.  While the first wheel was a sort of a tribute wheel and incorporated elements for the stories that appealed to the owner, this wheel will seem more like it belongs right in the story.  In fact the owners even wrote a short story explaining  the history of the wheel, as they want it to be.   They are revising it a bit but I’ll see about posting it when they send me the new version.  It will focus on Rohan and horses.  In the above photo you can see my attempt to start turning some walnut into a steed.


This is the way the head looked as of first thing this morning.  A ways to go but getting there!


Here are the efforts so far.  The head has been tweaked a bit and will await more work until after I get feedback from the owners.  The frame and base are made of walnut too.  You can see some embellishment on the frame.  On the front foot (or hoof in this case) I have sculpted an inlaid panel that echoes a sword hilt using a horse head motif.  The upright panel bracing the frame and base follow the style of a war axe.  A bit obscure but if you are a real fan of the movies, I bet you will recognize it.  I think that these elements add a very elegant touch against the wood.

So, I have quite a journey ahead on this wheel but the bones are good and it will be fun.  Thanks for looking!







  1. This one is soooo stately.

  2. rabbitsheepllama permalink

    Loving this wheel hope you show it when it’s done!

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