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A New Project

February 15, 2016


I have not been able to finish the Lord of the Rings wheel yet as I am waiting for a part to arrive.  In the meantime I have another new adventure in the works.  Linda likes medieval and Gothic architecture and wants her wheel to use these forms.  The big wheels are almost finished.  Linda requested and approved the colors I chose for the stained glass inlays.  The idea is to echo the feel of a rose window.  The leaf is my first attempt at carving an acanthus leaf and the plan is to attach it to the frame between the treadles.  The frame and other parts will be crafted from walnut.  This wheel will be different than any other wheel I’ve made.  It should be interesting to see this glass in motion when it spins!






  1. Janet D permalink

    Wow. Can you really see through the glass or is inlayed over wood? If it’s see-through, it must be gorgeous with the sunlight behind it

    • It is inlaid over a wood base. To make it see thru I would need to make the big wheels out of glass or Lucite. Don’t think it hasn’t crossed my mind!

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