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New Wheel Options

January 21, 2016


Our new wheel is taking shape and, as is quite often the case, it has presented its own ideas for us to consider.  My original plan of  using a hobbit dwelling has taken form but I felt that to do it real justice, I would need to forget the wheel part of the project and embed this little sculpture into a small hillside.  I don’t think Stephanie would like to have me ship her a box of dirt with the hobbit dwelling added.  I still think the house is a good option and will modify things a bit as the wheel progresses.  Sometimes the best thing to do is just focus on another aspect of the project and let inspiration sort of slip in the back door.


I did feel that rather than stick with one look, I would make a plaque with a Tolkien symbol on it that can be easily put in place of the hobbit dwelling. Since the house has a flat bottom, you can have both to enjoy even if the house sits beside you on a table.  The plaque is just roughly finished at this point but with a few more coats of varnish, it adds a simple elegant tough to the wheel.  The wood is Jatoba, a heavy hard exotic with a fantastic rich color.  When I gave Laurie Weinsoft’s Cecil a major facelift, I was left with two Jatoba treadles.  So that’s where this piece of wood came from.  Recycling – wheelmaker style!


The footman rods are new as of today and they too need some more work.  But I wanted you to see some progress.   By the way – the hobbit house has lights so Frodo must at be home!





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  1. Jennifer Nightingale permalink

    And so the journey of “Gary” magic begins :)

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