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New Lord of the Rings Wheel

January 16, 2016


It’s been a bit hectic around these parts lately, but I am finally moving forward with the next wheel on my list.  Stephanie is one of two spinners who will be getting a Lord of the Rings themed wheel.  I need to make sure each one is unique and true to the spinner’s desires.  Fortunately the epic story is rich with many potential ideas that can be used on the wheels.

So far the frame is about finished.  Above and between the two treadles you can see a platform.  This will be a spinning wheel version of Bag End, a hobbit house .  There will be flickering light coming from the two flanking windows.  The knob on the round door will be a push switch to turn the light on or off.  The notebook sketch is my plan; the unfinished front of the house is resting on the platform.  The two round greenish discs are the hubs, which closely resemble from a shield used in the movie.  Inlaid into the toe end of each treadle is a stained glass design patterned after an elvish leaf.  The are many more areas to resolve and this will require quite a bit of email discussion with Stephanie.  I think there will be some interesting paintings on the big wheels and a wizard named Gandalf making his presence known too.  Right now I am on a journey that will take me into uncharted territory.  It is exciting!






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