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New Arts & Crafts Style Wheel

December 13, 2015

Arts and Crafts1

It was a horrible day to try to photograph a wheel but at least I dodged raindrops long enough to take a few photos of the new wheel.  What a change from all the previous wheels I’ve made!  My spinner wanted an Arts & Crafts style wheel in Peruvian walnut.  I made a sketch, she approved, and I’m plugging right along.  This style capitalizes on clean, rather Spartan lines with a few touches of embellishment.  Stained glass was a favorite addition.  I am especially fond of a sub-style produced by a team of brothers.  If you look up Greene and Greene furniture, you will see where my inspiration came from.  I have taken a big gamble from the spinner’s instructions and added some sapelle wood accents.  I felt that the Peruvian walnut, restricted to rather solid shapes, might prove to be a bit severe and sober.  The sapelle lightens everything up a notch and yet stays within the style.  Amy (not my daughter but the customer) requested glass in cool tones rather than reds, oranges and yellows.  They do play well against the warm dark of the wood.

Arts and Crafts2

The shape of the handle is a direct hat tip to the brothers Greene.  I even inset some square ebony plugs – just in case they check up on me.  I need to build the speed changer assembly, bobbins, and flyer but it is coming along pretty well.  The Peruvian is quite porous and soaks up varnish rather unevenly.  So, I add a coat, sand, and re-coat many times.  There are more coats yet to apply before we have a wheel that begs to be touched.  By the way, I just noticed the rain splat on the treadle.  I’ll wipe it dry before I re-varnish!





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  1. rabbitsheepllama permalink

    Love this wheel. You do such a wonderful job.  

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