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Final Wheel Photos

December 1, 2015


This wheel is just about ready to ship off to Rebecca in Juneau.  Since the last photos I have finished all the little details.  In the center of this hub is a sculpted sun face with inlaid abalone eyes.  The screw holes on the hubs are also covered with abalone now.  And the good news is that it spins well!


This side has the moon face sculpture finished now and you might notice the square little knob in the lower right section of the wheel.  If you pull this knob out you can change the orifice height.  I am so glad for the opportunity to test these new ideas with a spinner who trusted me and gave me the freedom I needed.  Thank you, Rebecca, for you great part in this project.  May you and your new wheel spin along together for a long time!

P.S.  I am beginning another fun wheel.  It will be an Arts and Crafts style wheel in Peruvian walnut with stained glass panels over the big wheels.  Stay tuned!






From → Gary's Thoughts

  1. InJuneau permalink

    Oh my! I can’t wait to start spinning on it!

  2. peacecat9 permalink

    This wheel is stunning. Reminds me of mine. So glad its going to Alaska. Stunning!

  3. rabbitsheepllama permalink

    Beautiful wheels thanks for sharing.

  4. Gary I really love this wheel. It looks beautiful finished of course. I am glad it is going to a spinner who will enjoy its beauty and will spin on the wheel often. I feel like the grandmother watching from the sidelines watching your wheels mature.

  5. Ellen permalink

    What a beautiful wheel!

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