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Progress on Wheel #50

November 7, 2015

sun wheel1

Since I am about out of parts to make wheels, I have been busy building #50, which is a very unique wheel using a lot of new design features. Much work remains but so far I am very happy with the result.  Even though this wheel is just marginally larger than most of my wheels, it has a very large presence.  I think it is the open clean lines more than anything.  In the hub on this side I will sculpt a medallion with a moon face.  The square holes on the hub will be covered with abalone pieces.  Designs of a bear and wolf grace the big wheel.

sun wheel3

This side of the wheel will have a sun as the medallion in the hub.  The raven and eagle designs are on the big wheel.  Red and blue are two very important and traditional colors in this style of art.  Usually they are painted with flat paint.  I wanted to let the grain of the cherry show through so I used many layers of varnish tinted with oil paint to achieve this effect.

sun wheel5The long curved upper assembly has a row of abalone squares marching along the top.  It is quite pretty in person.  So, things are coming along well and it has been a great project.  Nothing in these photos is finished but you are used to my photos of wheels in progress.  I just enjoy sharing this process.  Kinda feel like a new daddy!  Thanks for looking and enjoy!




  1. Stunning! Just beyond words beautiful!

  2. rabbitsheepllama permalink

    Wow this is beautiful nice work.

  3. The on us a real beauty.

  4. I think I may say this about each new wheel I see, but . . . THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE!

  5. InJuneau permalink

    Oh, Gary… this is stunning!

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