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The Gargoyle’s Tale

October 10, 2015


It was a dark and stormy day on the moors near Port Townsend.  OK so we don’t have moors but we do have a real castle.  OK so it’s only a little castle but it was built years ago by a real Scotsman. And our gargoyle just needed a castle to have as a backdrop for its photos.


Teresa wanted a scene of a thatched roof cottage with swans and so this is what she will have.  She also likes bright colors so I tried my best to stay within her range of favorites.


This side has a painting of a castle with black swans.  More of Teresa’s favorite colors.  Our gargoyle looks pretty fearsome in this view.  It’s what happens when you tell a gargoyle to smile!


This gargoyle is protecting a little sleeping gargoyle nestled in the hollow of the frame.  Don’t disturb!


On our drive home Amy and I stopped at a little roadside farm stand.  It an honor system farm, completely unattended and open 24 hours a day.


What a bounty of autumn produce!  Looks like we will be having some squash pretty soon.  A hearty dinner addition for those of us who live on the Port Townsend moors!





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