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Steampunk Teaser

September 16, 2015


I am so fortunate to have a lot of great projects to build over the next months.  Some things are quite a ways off, but I need to start being a hunter/gatherer of parts and pieces.  Kit, the new owner of the Sherlock Holmes wheel, has decided to put her name on my list for another wheel.  Steampunk this time!  So I have been visiting antique stores and other sources in the hopes that some items will call out to me.  Here are my recent treasures:

The two large copper items are the top and bottom of a vintage pudding pan.  My hope is to cut the top in two and use the halves as sort of toe hoods on the ends of the treadles.  This could prove very exciting and classy (as well as protecting the spinner’s toes in case of incoming hazzards.)  The bottom might very well become fenders for the big wheels. The chrome piece is the tail light from a ’51 Chevy.  When I’m finished it will not be chrome  but it will still be a tail light.  I’ll mount it between the treadles on the main frame and it will provide a little light to light the spinner’s way. The small parts just might find a function somewhere or other as we get to building.

I guess that’s it for now.  We are getting ready for a couple of fiber events.  One is the Jefferson County Farm and Fiber Tour and the other is OFFF in Canby, Oregon.  I’m still working on the gargoyle wheel too.  Happy busy days!





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