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Art Deco wheel is just about finished

August 27, 2015

deco wheel1

deco wheel2

Our new wheel is just about ready to test.  About all that remains is to lightly sand and finsh and then affix the scotch tension parts.  It has been a wonderful project and from our preliminary testing it is both smooth and fast.  The larger main wheels coupled with the smallest drive wheel I have ever used gives it more speed than any other Olympic.  Not the fastest wheel out there by any means, but I am happy with this little experiment.  Now we will have something new to show at the upcoming events.  If you make it to OFFF please stop by and give it a try.  It is for sale if anyone is interested.

I finally have a good plan for the new comissioned wheel project.  For a lot of personal reasons Teresa wants a wheel that features castles, cottages, swans, and a gargoyle.  Stay tuned for progress reports!





From → Gary's Thoughts

  1. Really love this wheel. Congrats.

  2. Renee Conner permalink

    I am interested in this wheel if I can fit it in my budget. Please contact me at I have been following your wheels for sometime now, and was just about ready to put my name on your list when you started working in this wheel. I had been struggling with a theme for my wheel and had decided I really just wanted a wheel that the wood would speak for itself. This is perfect!

  3. HUGHES1681 permalink

    Wow I love it!  

  4. permalink

    Good Morning, I had to write and tell you how much I love all of your wheels. Each is a true work of Art. I really like this Art Deco wheel. I’m just curious, how much is it?? Regards.

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