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Surprise Project

August 19, 2015

deco 1

I’m busy waiting for the next spinner to settle on a theme for her new wheel.  Sometimes this kind of busy is the hardest thing for me to do.  So, with a farm tour event and OFFF fast approaching and us with no new wheels to show, I decided to explore a little different take on my faithful design.  This wheel is intended to be very dramatic through wood choices and clean lines.  I’m using Peruvian walnut, yellow cedar and a little padouk for accent.  It has an Art Deco flair to it, which I will play up as the rest of the wheel takes shape.  Also the big wheels are 15″ in diameter rather than our normal 14″.  This should make for a slightly faster wheel.  I also will add a slightly smaller flyer and bobbin combo to keep it smooth.  No too much smaller- still a pretty hefty bobbin to fill.

deco 2

I decided to add a little more design into the carving of the big wheels.  I like the rings a lot.  Since yellow cedar doesn’t seem to like polyurethane, I am finishing this wheel with shellac.  I really like this stuff! Easy to work with, very fast drying, and easy to touch up should the need arise.  This wheel was not built for a certain spinner, but there is one lady already interested.  It will be up for sale but on the condition that we will be able to keep it and show it off till after the two events are over.  It has been a pleasure to build this while we work out the design and theme of the next wheel.  Anxious to see how it spins!





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  1. peacecat9 permalink

    That is a slick wheel!! Beautiful!

  2. HUGHES1681 permalink

    Gary, Sent you some pictures on Monday to see what you think and if there is any possible way of a castle. your version of course they are just interesting pictures from the net. You really will have some freedom with this wheel. Thanks so much for doing this.  I am open to ideas even if we have to change the plan.  Teresa  

  3. Tagati permalink

    Another beautiful wheel!

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