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Frog Prince ready for life as a spinning wheel

August 16, 2015

frog4 frog5 frog6

Our little frog prince, his buddy the toad, and all the leaping frogs are ready to make their journey back to Maryland, where they will hopefully entrance our Princess Stephanie and cause her to spin wonderful yarn.  It has been a great project for me and the result is better than I thought it would be.  I’m too much of a realist to get into fairy tales, but I either channeled the charming prince or the fat lumpy toad  (the latter, I think.)  The first photo illustrates the story.  Our enchanted prince is sitting on a lily pad while floating on his stained glass pool.  He is held in place with magnets so he can be rotated to converse with any princesses who happen by.  Below him and tucked away is a gold crown.  This symbolizes his kingdom lost and eventually regained.  Below this is the golden ball.  It is trapped within a gracefull tangle of roots or pond plants.  The blue tones echo the feel of water.

The second photo gives an overview of the completed wheel.  The last photo showcases the toad.  I enjoy him sitting there, apparently oblivious to the flurry of legs and feet.  Just hoping that this spinning activity will attract some flies.  I doubt he could charm a regular princess but perhaps Stephanie will grow to love him just as I do.






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