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The Frog Prince wheel takes shape

August 4, 2015

frog wheel 1

A lot of wood and thought have gone into this wheel so far and it is only half done.  The goal is to let the wheel tell the tale in its own way.  I wasn’t planning to paint the wheel, but it just didn’t seem to work without this sort of magic.  Also Stephanie told me her favorite color is blue so, since I had no blue stones or blue wood, the paint found its way onto these wheels.

I turned a purpleheart ball which I had planned to cover with gold leaf.  My wife, the garage sale zealot, found a decorative ball on Saturday and when I saw it, I realized it better represented what a young princess might play with.  I put on the gold leaf and added a touch of blue paint to tie it to the big wheels.  The footman rods also inherited some plaques of bronze that I found at a local antique store.  I felt they had a story book feel to them. A bit more blue paint to make them pop.

frog wheel 2

This photo shows one of Stephanie’s mystic quartz stones inlaid into a walnut treadle. Because of the way it is cut, it seems like you are looking into a deep pool.  This photo also showcases all the little crystals that embellish the frogs and water on the big wheels.  The little platform between the treadles on the frame will become the new home for the big old toad I will be sculpting soon.  That should be fun!





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  1. Jennifer Nightingale permalink

    Love the golden ball :)

  2. ATT permalink

    Simply amazing love it!!!!!

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