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Final hawk photo and a teaser for you

July 19, 2015

hawk wheel1

You will have to look hard to see the changes since the last post but things have happened with this wheel.  Amy, with her super acute hearing, detected a slight scraping sound, so everything came apart and the problem was located right in the heart of the wheel.  The hawk’s tail is larger now too, and there is a figured maple overlay just to the lower front of the hawk’s head.  Also the walnut screw covers are in place now.  Tonight we test and Monday we ship!

The next new wheel is still in the planning stages.  The spinner and I have had quite a time sorting through many ideas.  I can tell you with certainty that it will feature frogs!  While this is still simmering, I have taken on a small upgrade project.  Laurie Weinsoft, a great fiber artist and teacher from Portland, bought the very first wheel I made that featured a figurehead.  She named him Cecil.  He has bravely held his head up high even though he is often overshadowed by newer flashier wheels I’ve made.  Laurie also is the keeper of Rudy the leering wolf (the one with the flashy diamond tooth!)  He has a habit of stealing a bit of limelight from Cecil.  That is now changing.


Cecil has consented to an extreme makeover.  He will remain the same old sea serpent and mechanically he will spin the same but everything else will be dramatically different!  This photo shows Cecil with his stiff upper lip after he has been stripped pretty nearly bare. (Laurie says he looks regal in the nude! ) Laurie likes sparkle, color, flash, and any and everything else dramatic.  I think she will be happy when she sees her Cecil again!  I’ll post photos, before and after, in a few days. Stay tuned!






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