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Hawk, almost ready to soar!

July 8, 2015

hawk wheel1

This wheel has been a pleasure to make.  For one thing, I love birds!  The red tail’s colors match so nicely with the wood I use.  There are more things to do.  The flyer shown is a loaner although the actual flyer will be similar.  In fact it is in the works now in the shop.

hawk wheel2

This photo shows the hawk tail between the treadles.  The tail follows the theme created by the detail of the head.  You might notice the screw caps are missing.  They are walnut and will be placed after all testing is finished.

hawk wheel3

Here is a portrait of our little raptor.  There needs to be a balance between strict realism and the requirement of strength since this will be a working wheel.  I always love to place the eyes.  The creature immediately comes to life!  I will put an overlay of breast colored feathers on the handle going down toward the front of the wheel.  So, another bit of work and this guy will be ready for its first flight!





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One Comment
  1. Laurie weinsoft permalink

    Very lovely hawk. He appears quite intense.

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