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Shifting Gears

June 30, 2015

hawk wheel1

I’m happy to report that the bee wheel safely flew to Wyoming and is in the care of its new keeper.  She sent me a photo and I think it wil be a great relationship.  The bee looked happy!  Now on to other things…

The new wheel I’m working on is going to be a wheel featuring a red tailed hawk.  Not a lot of painting, but mostly figured woods of hawk-like colors.  The sketchbook is open to a drawing I made of a hawk’s head, and this will be realistically carved onto the handle assembly.  Resting on the treadle you might notice two little glass beady eyes.  They will give our hawk head the gift of sight.  Since I took the photo this morning, I have made the footman rods, which are sort of stylized wings.  I just dusted myself off from turning the hubs which are made out of mahogany, thus echoing the red and warm tones of the bird.  I may put copper discs in the center of each hub to add to the warm tone collection.  The treadles are made from light colored eastern maple but they are highly figured.  I somehow think that the figuring might have a sense of feathers…we’ll see about this.  They will be pretty anyway.

Along the back of the frame, in the space between the treadles, I’m going to make a hawk’s tail.  I’ve never done anything like this before and it should be fun.  This wheel (like every other one I’ve built) has its own unique challenges that give me room to explore and grow.  I’ll keep you posted on the progress!




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