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How I’m cleaning the shop – the really hard way

June 19, 2015


I just love wood and this is a good thing as I make a living from it.  The problem is that no scrap is too small to love.  I have buckets of little pieces that are beginning to take over every square inch of available space.  The truth is I actually do find uses for many pieces but I generate new pieces faster than I can use the old ones.  Lately I have come up with two ways to keep an even ebb and flow.

Idea #1… Turns out my scraps of hardwood are great fuel for the barbeque!  And I love to eat even more than I love these little pieces.  I recently made little packets of vegetables seasoned with spices and some olive oil and cooked them very hot over cherry and oak.  That’s when this brilliant plan came to me.  I suspect I’ll be doing more barbeque this summer than in years past!

Idea #2… For about a year I have wanted to build a gypsy wagon to take to fiber events and such.  I have modified the plan a bit and rather than a pull behind wagon, I will make a slide in unit for the back of our truck.  And, for all of you on my waiting list, I will be building it in SPARE time using mostly shop scraps.  Lately I have been negotiating details on a couple of wheels that are next up to build and while the spinners are deciding on details, I have been cleaning the shop.  A couple days’ efforts have resulted in this door to our new home away from home for the spinning wheels.  It has some interesting features.  The light colored horizontal wood came from some pallets my step father brought me.  Too nice to burn and too soft for using on wheels as it is pine.  At the top of the door you might recognize some items reminiscent of fiber tools.  The stained glass sun face is surrounded by one of my early flyers made from canary wood.  The circular wood pieces are from cut apart bobbins that had one problem or another.  The curved shapes at the top corners were the cut out pieces from the treadles of the Sherlock Holmes wheel!  I just couldn’t throw them away and FINALLY they have a home.  It is so gratifying to use these things rather than just toss them  I’ll give you updates of this project as things shape up.  I’ve got a lot more scraps!





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  1. Jan permalink

    I’m so glad to hear you found a way to recycle all the wood extras, and in such an attractive way. Nice to know none of that beautiful wood that was once a majestic tree will go to waste.

  2. Sally boussios permalink

    Great idea!

  3. Tagati permalink

    A slide in Vardo! Going to be beautiful.

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