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Mermaid Wheel #2 Ready to Ship

May 27, 2015

merrmaid wheel1

We’ve been pretty busy around these parts, but it seems like Spring is always busy for us.  The second mermaid themed wheel is about ready to ship, so we took it to the park for a few final shots.  Also, I like to make an instructional video of each wheel for the new owner.  I really enjoy how the cool blue green tones of the paint and glass make a great complement to the warm tones of the wood.

merrmaid wheel2

I like this painting especially when the wheel is placed in dimmer light or shadows.  It enhances the feel of mystery.  There are lots of little mother of pearl accents on this wheel.  You can see a large one on the top of the speed changer knob and also in the center of the hub.

My next project will be a bee/honeycomb theme. It will not have as much art as a lot of the recent wheels but it will be fun.  I’m going to really play with the hexagon shape of the honeycomb.  I’ll keep you posted!  Thanks for looking.





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  1. Anne Brodie permalink

    Very nice, Gary!

    • Thank you ,Anne! Its good to hear from you. Hope all is well and you are still spinning on your wheel. It was a real milepost in my efforts as a builder.

  2. Karen permalink

    wow! Such a beautiful wheel! Love your creativity. Someone is very lucky!

    • Thanks Karen. I kick myself for being slow but everyone deserves my best effort. I truly hope this wheel meets all of Kelli’s expectations. It shipped yesterday :)

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