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Mermaid Wheel Progress Report

May 9, 2015

merrmaid wheel1

This wheel has come quite a way since the last post. Kelli really wanted a mermaid on a rock and a pirate ship, so that is the theme of the painting on this side. Given the space limitations, I think it works pretty well.  The colors in the painting were chosen to follow the lead of the stained glass. At the top along the handle section you can see the sculpture of a diving mermaid. It still needs a little work but I want to get the spinner’s approval before I take it any farther.  She is removable for safe travel. All the knobs have mother-of-pearl inlay.

merrmaid wheel4

This is a closer view of the mermaid from the top. I crafted her from epoxy over wood and finished with some bronze patinas.

merrmaid wheel5

The orifice height adjustment knob got some inspired treatment on this wheel.  I wanted it to remind people of a mermaid’s tail.  The glass is just another way to follow the color theme around the wheel while adding a bit of elegance too.  Still a bit more work to do and then Amy gets to test. This has been a wonderful project!






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  1. Jan permalink

    Another beautiful wheel, Gary. What’s painted on the other side?

  2. Thanks Jan, In my mermaid research I followed the spinner’s request to use ideas from The Pirates of the Caribbean. I very rarely watch TV or movies so the internet is my big library of images. There was one or two views from the movie where the viewer is beneath swimming mermaids who are looking up through the water toward the light above. I thought this was very beautifully done and so I “borrowed” the idea and came up with my own interpretation of this. Needs a bit of work yet but will post photos with the final shots. Have a great day, Gary

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