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A visit with the boys at Edensaw

April 21, 2015


About the time we begin testing a finished wheel, I am also beginning to gather material for the next project.  So we took the nautilus wheel out to show the crew at Edensaw.  Since it has turned windy and wet we thought the idea of taking a few final photos at Edensaw might be in order.  A forklift just seemed to want to help out so that’s where the wheel posed.


I like the way the wheel turned out.  My wife Maxine has a collection of vintage buttons and she generously let me choose some pearl buttons for accents.  In this photo you can see four of them.  The wheel is going to Germany and it will be taken completely apart for the journey.  Not my favorite plan, but we do what needs to be done.  I will have to warm up my skills in front of the camera as the instructional video will be a lot longer and more complicated than normal.


I took this mostly to remind me of how I made the ends for the treadle axles.  I like the curved shape.

Amy and I picked out some walnut, too, and I will be starting another mermaid wheel right away.  I did one mermaid last fall and so this one must take a different path.  Will keep you guys posted!  Thanks for looking,  Gary

P.S. you really don’t need a forklift to transport your wheel ;)







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  1. This is such an elegant wheel; I love it!

  2. Geoff Wells permalink

    Wow your work is just superb Gary. I am a luthier and pretty good with wood. But you sir are truly Awesome! If you ever run out of projects please build a guitar. And I don’t know if you teach your wood craft on youtube, but if you don’t you channel would go viral sir. you would have thousands of subscribers. Really fine work my friend!
    Best regards Geoff

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