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Another Wheel Takes Form

April 4, 2015

nautilus wheel

Ilse from Germany wants a wheel that brings back special memories for her.  She still has a nautilus shell she found years ago.  This wheel will be an attempt to celebrate the amazing grace and elegance of this type of shell.  I will do my best work although I will be hard pressed to match the great craftsmanship shown by Ilse’s shell’s former tenant. The handle area and the opening between the treadles will resemble a cross section of a shell.  Instead of my usual hubs I will try to create a spiral design.  There will be mother of pearl inlays in key places and all the wood will be light in tone.  Should be a fun challenge.

Speaking of challenges…. no one responded to my riddle!  I was driving through the boatyard and this big heavy hauler’s little brother was cruising along the main road at about 1/2 mile per hour.  The driver (man walking along side with a radio control box)  motioned me to pass right through.  It was so fun I did the same thing yesterday!

boat mover.






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  1. knitsetter permalink

    Just trying to figure out where I am on the list. Thanks so much. I am loving watching the wheels being created and developed.

  2. Hi, I checked my list and the best guess I have is June. These wheels can call the shots even when I think I have everything figured out. There used to be a commercial for wine – I think Paul Mason – and the line I remember was “We will sell no wine before its time.” There is a side of me that insists on always giving my best to each spinner even if I end up getting in trouble! In the meantime I will try to keep you entertained with photos of new wheels and little blog notes. Thanks for asking!

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