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A snake in the grass meets the Bobbinsy Twins, plus a bonus riddle

April 2, 2015


Let’s get that scary snake over with first!  Amy and I took the wheels for a visit to the park.  This one is just about ready to ship – just a little more varnish and some testing.


Here is a close up of the snake.  All told I am very happy with this wheel. I’m curious to know what name Dawn comes up with.


This photo gives you an idea of the difference in size between our regular Timberline model on the left and the two Foothills on the right.  The Timberline has 14″ wheels while the Foothills has 12″ wheels.  They lack the orifice height adjustment but other than that, they have all the other model’s features at a lower price.


Here are the Bobbinsy Twins.  Amy’s wheel on the left is actually very nicely figured maple but the bright light washed this detail out.  Rebekah’s wheel is mostly walnut.


Just another view that shows the variation in treadle shapes.  Always fun to experiment.

Now for the riddle:

True story.  Yesterday I was driving our truck and passed right through another motorized moving vehicle.  No damage was done.  Do you know what happened?  I’ll supply the answer later ;)








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  1. knitsetter permalink

    Just love how the snake came out. Have enjoyed the progress of each wheel. So amazing your process.

  2. patty permalink

    Does the lack of oriface height adjustment mean that the wheel has one fixed ratio?

    • Hi Patty! No it has a range of speeds just like its bigger brother. The only difference is you can’t rotate the upper assembly around the axle to accommodate various chair heights. This feature would equate to electric seats in a car – nice but not critical.

  3. bonjour
    où trouver ce genre de rouet ? j’habite en France. merci.
    good morning
    where to find this kind of spinning wheel? I live in France. thank you.

  4. Rebekah’s walnut wheel is so beautiful. Maybe a Foothills wheel CAN be on my “someday” list!

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