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Any snake lovers out there?

March 21, 2015


I’ve been busy since the dragon left Port Townsend but I’m still dealing with reptiles!  This wheel was inspired by a spinner from Ohio who wanted a wheel that showcased American hardwood with art to reflect some of the critters that live in the woods near her home.  The main figure is the milk snake slithering its way up the frame and it will be studying the spinner with eyes made from real rubies!  They are not in place yet, but this will be a first for one of my wheels.  The snake is crafted from epoxy over an aluminum mess frame.  The big wheels are western figured maple and there are sculpted branches radiating from the center of each wheel to promote the woods idea.  In the center of the hubs I sculpted frogs and finished them to match the bronze dragonflies inlaid into the treadles.


This snake actually startled me last evening when I went to move the wheel.  I almost jumped when my hand got close to the handle!  I’ve never really been a snake person.


I found I didn’t have quite enough walnut to finish the wheel so I made a trip to Edensaw for one more board.  The best I found was one with a knot hole right in the middle of the board.  When you have lemons make lemonade, so with this in mind I now have the milk snake emerging from that knot hole!  It kind of symbolically lives in the wheel I guess.






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  1. Karen Farnsworth permalink

    Yes! Here! It’s beautiful, Gary. So clever to have “Slinky” coming out of the knothole. Is like to see a close up of the critters on the hub. Another very impressive work of art. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Kat Atkinson permalink

    That is incredible!!! It looks so real

  3. Thank you both for the comments. It is always fun to see simple materials come together and become something that has a sense of life. Originally Dawn wanted a diamond back rattlesnake. I would have been even more cautious about grabbing that wheel! I’ll get some good close-ups when the wheel is finished.

  4. I’m not a snake person either, but the whole wheel is beautiful – even the snake (so glad it isn’t a rattler!).

  5. Helen permalink

    This is a whole ‘nother level of arts and crafts. Your wheels are incredible works of art.

  6. Sharon Baptiste-Valdez permalink

    Love the wheel; don’t like the subject! That said, as always, your art always astounds me! Beautiful

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